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Long Distance Blues

                In today's day and age we have so many different ways to meet people especially via social media, what this means is sometimes you can connect with people who often are not in the same city let alone state as you. I never really thought long distance relationships were this big deal maybe because I had a somewhat fairytale vision of how long distance relationships work vs the actual reality of how they work. I’ve never been in a long distance relationship however I have pursued many women who are long distance. My motto was always “I’m only a flight away” however I’m realizing it takes much more than just that. I feel like an important thing to pay attention to before even deciding to pursue something like this is Love Languages. I never used to believe in them like that because I just didn’t understand them. I think sometimes we create this image in our heads like “well as long as I do XYZ, we can get over the distance” and ya know what it does not work like that.

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